kabaret Grupa AD HOC

Improv Comedy Night

kabaret Grupa AD HOC

Improv Comedy Night

Improv Comedy Night - Bilety na kabaret

W dniu wydarzenia bilety do nabycia przed wejściem

"Improv Comedy Night" is a special event that will take place at Artefakt Cafe. Some of the polish groups from Kraków alongside international guests will perform a unique show based on audience suggestions!
If you like to laugh – join the event!

Show in English!

Who will perform:
The Szpalers (Poland)
Aline Project (Iran/Poland)
Krzysztof i Michał (Poland)
Alan, Michał i Jeffrey (Grupa AD HOC, Poland)
Improv Comedy in Kraków (International)

The Szpalers! (Poland)

They constantly bring freshness to the world of Improvisation! Straight from Kraków, the city of kings. Six different characters, different beings, different styles - they all together are just like TNT! But fear not. Instead - come, enjoy their stories. Sometimes simple, sometimes crazy, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking... Always unique!

Members: Amadeus Cichulski, Jakub Mazur, Marcin Chmiel, Alan Szymula

Aline Project (Iran/Poland)

Aline Project is a duo show of two experienced improvisers who have found a lot of joy playing on the stage together given their different cultures and backgrounds.

"Fragile moments" is the format they have created together which tells the story of a couple who met and decided to enter into a 7-day relationship. We will show you their moment of goodbye and we will take you through the journey of their one-week relationship. Will they split out or will they be together? We will discover this together. Funny, light and warm show. You can't miss it!

Krzysztof i Michał (Poland)

They both have been improvising for a while, but when they matured, in 2018, they formed a duo.

Members: Krzysztof Kasparek, Michał Iwanicki

Grupa AD HOC (Poland)

Grupa AD HOC was one of the first improv comedy groups in Poland, formed in October 2008. We play both short and long forms – all without a script and based on audience suggestions and our imagination. We’ve performed regularly for over 11 years and taken part in workshops with trainers from the UK, US, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Holland and Spain.

Cast: Michał Próchniewicz, Michał Ociepa, Alan Pakosz

Improv Comedy in Kraków (International)

Improv Comedy in Kraków is a group of people who runs Open stage meetings and Jam every two weeks in Kraków. Together they are performing in short form jams and host Open stages.



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